Sports World Birthday Party

If your child has a hard time deciding which sport is his favorite, combine several sports for a Sports World party.

Have the party in your yard, nearby park or local school sports stadium where you can play a variety of fun and active games.

  • Design invitations with a photo collage of sports equipment or favorite athletes. Include a photo of your child dressed in lots of sports gear (example: wearing a football helmet, holding a basketball, dressed in a baseball uniform, and standing in front of a soccer net).
  • Decorate with sports gear (balls, bats, nets), posters or famous athletes and favorite team pennants.
  • Have relay races (passing a soccer ball), a ball throw (foot ball through hanging tire or hula hoop), free throw contest (basketball) and batting contest. Play tug of war and set-up an obstacle course. Play sports trivia.
  • Make sports collages (cut photos from sports magazines).
  • Serve sandwiches, a veggie tray with dip, corn chips, seedless grapes and sports drink or juice. Decorate a cake with plastic sports figures or cupcakes decorated like various sports balls.
  • Send guests home sports medals, award ribbons or trophies, sports trading cards, jump ropes or paddle balls.