Princess Party

Celebrate like royalty with a Princess Party. The party can have a general old-world, magical theme or can be based on your child’s favorite fairy tale Princess, such as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

No need to choose though. Have a Princess Palooza and celebrate all the princesses, especially your birthday girl. Visit the Disney Princess site for inspiration.

  • Make invitations in the shape of a unicorn or with a drawing of a tiara or castle. If delivering the invitations, instead of mailing, roll the paper and tie with a ribbon like a scroll.
  • Decorate with balloons, streamers, and confetti in the royal colors blue, purple & gold, and drawings or posters of dragons or unicorns.
  • Play princess dress-up and pin the horn on the unicorn. Have a quest (scavenger hunt) or treasure hunt. Play a princess trivia game. Watch a favorite princess movie (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.).
  • Assemble large cardboard boxes into a castle shape and let guests decorate with paint, markers, fabric strips, ribbon, and garland). Make princess headpieces or fairy godmother wands out of pipe cleaners, ribbon and flowers.
  • Serve cream cheese on crackers, baby carrots with dip, strawberries or seedless grapes and sparkling apple cider. Decorate cupcakes with multi-colored sugar or star shaped sprinkles.
  • Send guests home with favor bags of magic stones or crystals, blowing bubbles, spinning tops, gold foil chocolate coins, hair accessories and stickers.