Dinosaur Birthday Party

dinosaurA fun party for any dinosaur fan. Have a dinosaur party at home, a nearby park or a local natural history museum.

Barney and Land Before Time dinosaurs are favorites of the preschool crowd. Older children may be budding paleontologists and will be more interested in real dinosaurs and learning or sharing information related to the life and times of dinosaurs.

  • Make invitations in the shape of a dinosaur or dinosaur footprint. If delivering the invitations, instead of mailing, place the invitation inside a plastic egg with a small plastic dinosaur.
  • Decorate with plastic or stuffed, dinosaur toys, plastic ferns, rocks, dinosaur foot prints cutouts and drawings of dinosaurs.
  • Show a short dinosaur movie. Play a dino matching game (pictures to names) or prehistoric trivia. Dig for dinosaur bones.
  • Set-up a prehistoric obstacle course (quicksand, tar pits, hungry t-rex) or ice age races (put on mittens, ski caps, and parkas).
  • Make modeling clay dinosaurs and prehistoric chalk drawings. Create “fossils” by having guests press leaves, pinecones, and shells into plaster or clay. Set-up a coloring table with dinosaur coloring pages.
  • Serve hot dogs, hamburgers or chicken nuggets, veggie tray and dip (many dinosaurs were vegetarians!), and tropical fruit salad.
  • Make cupcakes or cake with plastic dinosaurs, jelly bean dino eggs and cookie crumb rocks.
  • Fill favor bags with small plastic dinosaurs, dinosaur gliders, stickers, chalk and fruit leathers.