Art Birthday Party


An artist party is great for almost any child and can be geared to most ages. Younger children can enjoy coloring, painting, and easy games. Older children can be challenged to draw abstract self portraits and guess famous painters. An artist party can be held at home (preferably in the yard or garage), at a park, at a children’s museum, or a paint-it-yourself ceramics studio. Make invitations incorporating recent or older drawings done by your child. Ask guests to wear clothes they can get messy or provide “smocks” out of white plastic garbage bags (cut neck and arm holes and tie … [Read more...]

Slumber Party


Slumber Parties become cherished childhood memories. It’s such a treat to have friends spend the night. Clear a room for guests to spread out their sleeping bags, or if your child is adventurous and the weather pleasant, have the children sleep in tents in your yard. Make a slumber party extra special by having your child select a fun theme, such as outer space, movie night, or spa makeover. Design invitations like a night sky (moon & stars) and include a photo of your child in cute pjs. Ask guests to bring a sleeping bag, pjs, and a tooth brush. Decorate with personalized … [Read more...]

Sports World Birthday Party


If your child has a hard time deciding which sport is his favorite, combine several sports for a Sports World party. Have the party in your yard, nearby park or local school sports stadium where you can play a variety of fun and active games. Design invitations with a photo collage of sports equipment or favorite athletes. Include a photo of your child dressed in lots of sports gear (example: wearing a football helmet, holding a basketball, dressed in a baseball uniform, and standing in front of a soccer net). Decorate with sports gear (balls, bats, nets), posters or famous … [Read more...]

Outer Space Birthday Party


A Space Party is a great theme for children of various ages and interests. Have a space party at home, nearby park, local planetarium, or even a video arcade. The theme can be “serious” with a focus on astronomy and space exploration or can be geared towards the science fiction fan with aliens and characters from popular science fiction books and movies (Star Trek, Star Wars). Design invitations in the shape of a rocket ship. Or make invitations with photos of real astronauts or space ships (from NASA web site), drawing of solar system or stars in night sky or funny alien drawing … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Birthday Party


A fun party for any dinosaur fan. Have a dinosaur party at home, a nearby park or a local natural history museum. Barney and Land Before Time dinosaurs are favorites of the preschool crowd. Older children may be budding paleontologists and will be more interested in real dinosaurs and learning or sharing information related to the life and times of dinosaurs. Make invitations in the shape of a dinosaur or dinosaur footprint. If delivering the invitations, instead of mailing, place the invitation inside a plastic egg with a small plastic dinosaur. Decorate with plastic or … [Read more...]

Pirate Birthday Party


A Pirate Party is a rip-roaring good time for just about any child and a fun way to celebrate your little buccaneer's birthday! Have a Pirate Party at home, nearby park, or local beach where guests can hunt for treasure and enjoy a day of active adventures. Design invitations like a treasure map with X marks the spot of the party or in the shape of a treasure chest. If delivering invitations, instead of mailing, enclose plastic coins and a few rhinestone “jewels” or roll invitation and place inside a bottle with a some sand and seashells. Decorate the party venue with a … [Read more...]

Tea Party


A Tea Party is great “grown-up” fun and a special way to celebrate a birthday. A Tea Party works for a wide range of ages and can be whimsical or fancy. A Tea Party can highlight a special toy or book, such as princesses, dolls, teddy bears, Ms. Spider or Alice in Wonderland. Make invitations in the shape of a tea cup, decorated with a paper doily or with a real tea bag and a big tea label invitation attached. Decorate with paper doilies, pink and white streamers, silver foil balloons, dolls and stuffed animals and fresh flower bouquets. Play dress-up and musical chairs. … [Read more...]

First Birthday Party


Invite your family, friends and child's playmates for a fun first birthday celebration! Play up the #1 or focus on your child's favorite character, animal or toy. First Birthday Fun has dozens of 1st birthday party theme ideas, including birthday princess, animal jungle, barnyard, construction and more. Choose a location your child is comfortable in, such as your home or a familiar playground. Schedule the party for a time of day when your child is usually pleasant and keep it short (1-2 hours). Design invitations with a photo of your child and the caption “Look who’s turning 1!”. … [Read more...]

Jungle Safari Birthday Party


Have wild fun with a Jungle Safari Party at home or nearby park or visit a local zoo for a look at the real thing. A Jungle Safari Party works well for a wide range of ages and appeals to both boys and girls. Choose cute versions of jungle animals for younger children, but go fierce for an older child's party. Make invitations with a drawing or photo of favorite jungle animal (monkey, zebra, tiger giraffe) or a safari vehicle (Jeep). Decorate with green, yellow & orange balloons, green streamers and real ivy, vines, palm fronds and other available greenery. Display plastic or … [Read more...]