Find fun and easy ideas for celebrating your child's birthday! Choose from dozens of Party Themes, including First Birthday, Princess, Pirate, Superhero, Jungle Safari and many more! Each party theme provides ideas for invitations, decorations, activities, refreshments and party favors.

Dinosaur Birthday Party

A fun party for any dinosaur fan. Have a dinosaur party at home, a nearby park or a local natural history museum. Barney and Land Before Time dinosaurs are favorites of the preschool crowd. Older … [Read More...]


Outer Space Birthday Party

A Space Party is a great theme for children of various ages and interests. Have a space party at home, nearby park, local planetarium, or even a video arcade. The theme can be “serious” with a … [Read More...]


Art Birthday Party

An artist party is great for almost any child and can be geared to most ages. Younger children can enjoy coloring, painting, and easy games. Older children can be challenged to draw abstract self … [Read More...]


Super Hero Party

If your child is hooked on a super hero, this can be a perfect theme for a birthday party. The popularity of specific super heroes is often tied to recent movie releases and may include Avengers, … [Read More...]


Sports World Birthday Party

If your child has a hard time deciding which sport is his favorite, combine several sports for a Sports World party. Have the party in your yard, nearby park or local school sports stadium where … [Read More...]


Pirate Birthday Party

A Pirate Party is a rip-roaring good time for just about any child and a fun way to celebrate your little buccaneer's birthday! Have a Pirate Party at home, nearby park, or local beach where … [Read More...]


First Birthday Party

Invite your family, friends and child's playmates for a fun first birthday celebration! Play up the #1 or focus on your child's favorite character, animal or toy. First Birthday Fun has dozens of … [Read More...]


Slumber Party

Slumber Parties become cherished childhood memories. It’s such a treat to have friends spend the night. Clear a room for guests to spread out their sleeping bags, or if your child is adventurous and … [Read More...]


Princess Party

Celebrate like royalty with a Princess Party. The party can have a general old-world, magical theme or can be based on your child’s favorite fairy tale Princess, such as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. … [Read More...]


Jungle Safari Birthday Party

Have wild fun with a Jungle Safari Party at home or nearby park or visit a local zoo for a look at the real thing. A Jungle Safari Party works well for a wide range of ages and appeals to both boys … [Read More...]